Welcome to my Mind!

Good News Everyone!


Good News Everyone! (please use Herbert Farnsworths Voice when reading this for added effect haha)

but really, I guess this is more good news for me then it is for you! I’m not giving up on this blog and am, in fact, expanding upon it. I have always wanted to write a novel or book filled with short stories and/or poems. So, I think I’ll start here. Hopefully I can get some followers to read them along with my usual thoughts and blurbs about life. Very much trying to find a positive outlook and release valve for my own thoughts. I know alot of you guys are too so I hope that I can give you something to chew on. But welcome to this lovely, desolate, hopeful, fearful, confident, beat down place i like to call my mind. Please make yourselves at home. I welcome any type of constructive criticism, be it towards my work or my thoughts, but please be kind. I know the internet can be a shitty place but I still have hope for human kind. I think, most importantly, I still hold out on hope for you. Yeah you! Reading this! Yeah, you’re awesome! Thanks for being here! Enjoy!

A plea to those who would….

Healing is hard to do when everyone on all sides keep picking at the scars.

My head is an animal. And sometimes it is really hard to reign it in. I think it might be nocturnal. Unfortunately, my body is not so its always a constant battle of sleep versus no sleep. Especially in this turbulent time in american history, my head is spinning. I’m trying to understand what motivates people to be so cruel towards one another. Putting myself in other peoples shoes and wondering what is in everyone’s heads. I though people were supposed to respect one another and yet the most recent election seems to have opened a bigger void between the masses. It hurtsn, for sure, to see this great country fight amongst itself. its scary to see how weak we’re getting. Unity seems like a thing that wont be reached for a long long time. Human decency is all we really need right now. People need to stop needlessly blaming each other. They need to stop generalizing each other. And they need to learn to empathize and step in someone elses shoes. Healing is hard to do when everyone on all sides keep picking at the scars. Its with a heavy heart i sign out for the night. But i still have hope that we, as a people, can come together. For those of you who read this, just go out into the world and shine a light onto it. God (allah, the universe, buddha, jesus , muhammed, or whoever and whatever you follow) knows that there’s enough negativity in the world. fill it with light. drive the darkness of doubt and hatred away. later days friends, love y’all.